AI Trading Bots Outperform HODLing?

Cryptocurrencies have enjoyed a parabolic run in the 12 years since Bitcoin's creation. As media continues reporting on Bitcoin and Etherum's ever-higher prices, swathes of new investors want a slice of the action.

And rightly so! Had you invested $1 in Bitcoin in 2010, your investment would be worth more than $100,000 - which works out as 132% ROI per year. Netflix, the best performing stock of the same then years in the traditional markets comparatively achieved a 40% ROI per year.

But many new traders have quickly learned that trading cryptocurrencies aren't as easy as the gurus make it out to be. The crypto markets are notoriously hype-fulled, and extremely volatile compared to the traditional stock markets. Twenty or thirty percent price swings across the entire market in a single day are not unheard of.

Numerous assisted platforms help new traders avoid huge losses by recommending stop-loss orders. But most of them either lose user's money long-term or provide submarket returns -i.e., you have made more money by HODLing than by following the platform's trading tips.

But AI-based trading bots could succeed where other trading platforms have failed.

A Dutch company called One Button (OB) Trading has built, trialled, and released a collection of trading bots that use AI and machine learning to make trades. Unlike past trading platforms, OB doesn't rely on technical indicators.

Although AI and machine learning are still considered nascent technologies, OB has progressed quickly and achieved exciting results by utilising AI for crypto trading.

OB claims its AI-based platform provides anyone with an easy way to increase your ROI for low cost, no work, and lower risk due to an embedded stop-loss feature. All you have to do is set up an account, pick a trading bot and away you go.

To begin using the OB trading platform, you first connect an account with a crypto exchange like Binance or Coinbase. Once you sign up, the platform establishes a connection with your account through an API key. This is important for security, as an API key could be restricted to not allow withdrawal access, but it allows the trading bots to execute trades on your behalf.

After you connect your account to the OB platform, you select a crypto market pair, a position size and an AI bot. You can see the historic performance statistics of each bot before you pick one to trade on your behalf. The OB homepage also shows your live crypto portfolio, as well as profit reports.

To prevent losses from unexpected price swings, the AI bots include an embedded stop-loss feature that will automatically sell your assets if they fall below a predetermined price point.  

Do the AI bots work?

So far, yes. OB have substantial documentation to back up their claims.

Since November 2020, One Button's Trading bots beat the average market returns by more than 5%. The company initially launched 8 AI bots, and four have outperformed the market. the Clipper and Solar bots are achieving more than 10% ROI per month.

How does the platform work?

The OB team have created several AI bots that scan the market every few hours, then execute trades on behalf of users. When a new user signs up, they can pick which AI bot they want to make trades on their behalf based on their personal risk tolerance.

Based on the latest data and price patterns, the AI decides whether to buy, sell, or hold. The bots also calculate the confidence of success in every trade and adjust the size of the position accordingly.

Unlike other crypto trading platforms, the underlying trading mechanism for each of OB's bots rely entirely on AI. This means that over time, the bots should make better and better decisions and provide more value.

The OB Platform is Launching its Own Token

That's where all my excitement comes from and I'm really curious how this is going to play out.

OB currently charges a monthly fee to use its AI trading bots.

But on the 7th of October 2021, OB will transition from a subscription-based system to a token-based system. This involves launching the new OB token through an IDO  (Initial DEX offering).

After the OB token has launched, you will need OB tokens to power the OB's AI trading bots. The system will charge you a fee after each trade, which will be taken from your OB balance.

This is similar to how trading fees work on traditional stock exchanges but with one small difference. On the OB platform, each trade will only cost 0.05% of the trade volume.

By using the OB tokens, you'll experience a seamless trading experience without paying a large sum of money upfront for a monthly subscription. There's no need for a credit or debit card to pay for AI bots to trade for you.

Additionally, once the AI runs out of balance, the bot will temporarily pause automatically. There is no debt to pay. You can also stop automated trading at any time and there are no mandatory minimum trading volumes.

10% of all OB tokens from service fees will be taken out of circulation and burned. This should lead to the OB token growing in value over time.

OB also gives users a discount on trading fees based upon how many OB tokens are in their wallets. Users holding more than 500,000 OB will enjoy an 80% discount fee.

As a bonus, you will have a personal referral link. When your friends join the platform through your link, you receive 1% of your friend's trading fees in OB tokens.




TOTAL SUPPLY: 10,000,000




Token Allocation


The team at OB Trading consists primarily of technology experts with a heavy focus on AI/ML development and product design. With a track record of dozens of successfully implemented digital apps (web & mobile) including in the fintech space, the team has proven to be suitable for developing AI trading products at the commercial level. The team at OB has access to vast networks of potential investors, advisors, and local communities of crypto enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

To learn more about OB Trader, visit the following Links:


I am really surprised by the seemingly effortless experience of setting up the bots for trading using the OB platform. I've been monitoring the team's activity for the last couple of months and they are working tirelessly behind the scene for the upcoming IDO all whilst keeping a smile on their face and engaging with the community.    

The product and the vision are too good to miss but my bet on this one is in the people behind it. I will be participating in the IDO as my second investment for my 10-year #HODL portfolio.

More details to follow...

Investment 2 | 9 years, 11 months to go...