NFT11: The Most Beautiful Sport on the Blockchain

Non-Fungible Tournament 11, or NFT11, is a football-inspired simulation game on the Game-Fi space where you can own a football (soccer) team, compete in tournaments, and earn. It is based on a game that has sold over 18 million copies worldwide called Football Manager 2021 (FM21). This feat was possible since football as a sport has 3.5 billion fans across the globe and is ranked as the "World's Most Popular Sport" and rightfully crowned as the "Most Beautiful Sport".

The NFT11 team aspires to bring you the most successful and addictive game on the blockchain that allows players to earn while having fun.

There are three ways you can earn in the NFT11 Universe:

  1. Competing in tournaments.
  2. Owning a stadium seat.
  3. Minting and selling in-game NFTs like high-stat and rare players, move-cards and signature cards.

And with that, let's dive deeper into the game mechanics!

Building your Team

The game is set to launch late Q2 22 and early adopters have already started building their team to compete with the rest of the community.

To participate in tournaments, 11 players (in the form of NFTs) are needed, which you can build alone or build along with your Club Members. There are three kinds of characters to make from, and they are as follows:

1. NFT11 Legends

They are the prodigies of the game, and there will only be 47,500 Legends in the entire NFT11 Universe, ever. Managers can identify NFT11 Legend's buffed stat by their elemental traits.

Fire - Finishing, Long Shot
Electricity - Speed, Crossing
Air - Passing, Technique
Earth - Tackle, Positioning
Water - Stamina, Heading

Legends start with 27 overall stats, which are randomly distributed upon minting, ranging from 15 to 35 and a +10 bonus for its element. Here is a sample stat from one of the available Legends.

Yes, indeed, he will be placed as a striker.

Note: Upon retiring "age", Legends can be upgraded into a better scout. More of the "ageing mechanics" as we move forward.

2. Normal Players.

They are the base of the NFT11 Universe. They are not sold by the NFT11 team, as they can only be created directly by the community of Managers through scouting which is the game's take on breeding, similar to some popular games like Axie Infinity. Regular Players stats depends on the stadium seat you scouted it from, and the average stat will range from 24 to 36.

3. Ultimate Players

The very first Ultimate Player is David James. He is a Legendary Goalkeeper IRL who shined on top clubs in the Premier League and the England national team in the World Cup! David James is just #1 of many.

Play and Earn Conclusion

Essentially, to win more tournaments, you want to have every role filled with a well-rounded mix of Legends, regular players and ultimate players to match specific positions, formations and strategies. To give you an idea of what NFT11 is trying to build, here is a snippet from FM21.

Football Manager 2021 - Tactics Tab


Regular Players will only be scouted into existence in the NFT11 Universe by Managers. By either purchasing a seat for yourself or renting it out from the marketplace, you can stake a Legend and pay the scouting fee. Just wait until the scouting duration finishes up, and voila! You'll have your freshly minted Normal Player.

As Legends scout regular Players, they will inherit the primary stat of its Legend scout. Therefore, a fire Legend will generate a Normal Player with Finishing and Long Shot as the primary stat.

Ageing Mechanics

NFT11's novel idea to balance the game and the ecosystem. With the introduction of age mechanics, characters can only participate in tournaments a limited number of times. As the character reaches its peak stats, their time in the NFT11 Universe is somehow looming into retirement, which would give way for new players to thrive.

  1. The age of Scouted Players will be 17 / 18 / 19 / 20. Rule of thumb: the younger, the better!
  2. Age of Legends will be standardized at 21 years old.
  3. A season in the NFT11 metaverse will equate to 3.8 weeks of our real-world time.
  4. A player lifespan will average around one year, given an active player that participates in seasons constantly.
  5. The retirement age of players will be randomized to anywhere between 34 to 37 years old.

Stadium Seats

Stadium Seats comes in different sizes. Managers own part of NFT11 Stadiums by owning seats and will be used as a governance token. There are a total of 11,000 seats in our first NFT11 Stadium, and they are divided into six main tiers:

When scouting for regular characters, there is also an added chance to mint Move-cards and Signature Cards depending on the tier you're minting it from and the bonuses that applies to it. This leads us to our 3rd way of earning, which is selling in-game items.

Move-cards and Signature Cards

NFT11 Cards can equip your Players to increase their stats and have advantages in specific contexts during a match. Here are the mechanics:

  1. Move cards are the primary utility item in the game. 3 Move Cards can be equipped on each player before matches and are burned after being used. Move cards are both limited and essential, so choosing when to use one is imperative.
  2. As for the Signature Cards, you can equip each player with one, and it will be permanently bound to that player for the entirety of his career.

Club Avatar NFTs

NFT11 will also be launching their version of Bored Ape Yacht Club, which will be called NFT11 Club Avatars! A series of 11,111 Club Avatars that are unique from each other! Managers will use the Club Avatar NFT to represent their club's unique identity.

Clubs without an NFT11 Club Avatar will have to use one of the defaults club icons (non NFT) to represent their club.

Also, with the introduction of Club Avatars, it is easier to identify and recognize early adopters, top fans and mods! Like other successful Profile Picture NFT projects, there will be a rarity to the Club Avatars, and with different tiers of rarity, they come with additional perks.

So, how do you feel about the game so far?

Now that we have concluded the game mechanics, it's about time we look deeper into the whitepaper.


$NFT11 is a BEP20 token currently being used for minting in-game assets. Essentially, the token will be used as a utility in the NFT11 Universe and has a maximum supply of 125 million tokens which is allocated as follows:

The team has raised $1.1 million from the seed rounds made in October and November 2021. They have been accepted into the Startup SG entrepreneurial space, an accredited list of investors vetted and approved by the Singapore Government. It is said that for every dollar they raise from accredited VCs, SGStartup will support 1:1. You can confirm their profile here.

Also, $NFT11 has a burning mechanism on steroids, and the mechanics are as follows:

  1. 25% of the scouting fees will be burned every time a regular player is minted. To do the math, that means if 1,000 people will mint 11 regular players  an average price of 22 tokens per minting, 60,500 tokens would be burned. If you scale that to 100,000 players, it gives us 6 million burned tokens, which is equivalent to 25% of the initial circulating supply. The team is expecting to have at least 250,000 people playing by the end of 2022. We would've then burned 62.5% of our initial circulating supply if the target was reached. That is crazy!
  2. 50% of all tokens obtained as revenue from secondary marketplaces will be used to buy back NFT11 tokens and be burned.
  3. 50% of all tokens obtained as revenue from NFT sales (Legend Sales and Stadium Sales) will be burned as soon as it is listed in major DEXes.

The team has also decided that 100% of the revenue collected from the Public Sale will be used to provide liquidity (est. BUSD 3 million). They will be pairing it out from their developer wallet, providing $6 million worth of liquidity. All these efforts from the team show how committed they are to the community and the project.


  1. AI Sport Technology uses artificial intelligence and big data to amplify and leverage sports data machine learning intelligence, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, assessments, decisions, evaluations, and insights. Using AI algorithms modelled on the biological principle of big data sports set online. Via social networks, the award-winning platform empowers business teams to maximize their combined wisdom and converge on optimized solutions quickly. You can verify it here on their website.
  2. As mentioned earlier, the team has onboarded a real-life football legend, David James. He will then become an ultimate player inside the NFT11 Universe, a far rarer NFT than the Legends. You can also check David James' official Tweet when he announced it here.

The Team

To learn more about NFT11, visit the following links:


This is an awesome game built by a passionate team. I've kind of liked it more than I should and I've spent a lot of time recently acquiring and minting legends and stadium seats.  

I've even gone to the extreme of building my own dashboard to find certain players.

Here is a preview of my dashboard that may evolve based on my continued interest in the game.

This will be part of my 10-year #HODL portfolio.

I will be updating the PNL page soon to reflect my position.

Investment 7 | 9 years, 9 months to go...