Lithium Gives Retail the Inside Track on the Hottest IDOs

The crypto space is an undeniably exciting and competitive place right now. There's heaps of innovation and new technological breakthroughs every week. Yet, the early stages of a crypto firm's lifecycle are fraught with difficulties.

Attracting funding for new projects is a long and drawn-out process. Also, advice about best practices for a successful coin launch isn't widely shared.

Besides, many new crypto start-ups are nothing more than hype-fulled nonsense. Scams are rampant, too, and there's scarce regulation in place to protect those willing to invest in crypto.

Were investors were protected from fraud, many ICOs and IDOs are available to a few wealthy insiders with the right connections anyway.

These difficulties often lead to new investors relying on hype, speculation, or gut instinct to decide whether to invest in a new crypto company.

Often there's not enough information available to accurately assess whether a new coin solves a real-world problem and therefore has value or is just a pump-and-dump scheme.

These are some of the problems the Lithium platform aims to solve.

What is the Lithium Platform?

The Lithium platform provides new and experienced investors alike an easy and safe way to invest in new crypto firms as they launch.

Lithium hopes to become an authority relied upon by institutional investors by identifying, promoting, and partially funding early-stage crypto projects.

Lithium's provides crucial information about the start-ups launching on its platform.

Lithium also offers start-ups funding to speed up development, business advice and code audit to ensure a smooth launch.

The Lithium platform has five distinct offerings:

  • Funds - which provides seed money to crypto start-ups
  • Incubator - which supports and advises new projects as they prepare for launch
  • Launchpad - which facilitates investment from Lithium members
  • Token - which offers passive income and reduced management fees
  • Educational Content - that promotes a transparent launch process

The Funds

Lithium funds are a revolutionary new type of venture capital fund that targets explicitly crypto start-ups. Its long-term aim is first to disrupt and then permanently change the way venture capital works - in the crypto space, at least.

In traditional ICOs, only high net worth individuals and institutions can access early-stage investments before the stock/token is made available on the market or to retail investors. Lithium democratises this process by allowing retail investors the opportunity to invest early.

The Lithium Fund provides seed money for crypto start-ups who have passed the Lithium vetted process. Every company funded by Lithium must have the potential to develop real-life use cases and become web 3.0 applications.

There's a multi-stage, incredibly robust vetting process for new projects. The team, use cases, tokenomics all go under the microscope before Lithium agrees to invest or promote the company through its platform.

The Incubator

The Incubator supports Lithium's projects before they launch on Lithium Launchpad.

Crypto projects in the Lithium incubator receive guidance through every stage of their development.

This included seed capital, help with marketing and promotions, educational content level guidance, and a code audit to reassure investors that the company is the real deal. They also receive support to build a community of early adopters.

By investing in and advising the start-ups, Lithium gives companies in the Incubator the best possible chances of success when they launch.

Additionally, investors using the Lithium platform are focused on long-term growth, not quick profits, which reduces the chances of a price crash shortly after launch.

The Launchpad

The Lithium launchpad is where you go to invest in exciting early-stage crypto projects.

The Launchpad is where you can find all the information relevant to a company launching through Lithium, such as use cases, tokenomics, and liquidity.

One of the reasons Lithium's founding team decided to form the company was to address the distinct lack of viable crypto launchpads.

When it comes to some launchpads in the space, they are at least partially to blame for so many scams or failed projects because they promote teams and visions that haven't been thoroughly vetted.

For this reason, Lithium emphasises first vetting start-ups and then helping to develop their projects before assisting them in launching. Additionally, unlike other crypto launchpads, Lithium has a strong focus on user experience.

The $EBSC Token

The EBSC token is what glues Lithium's platform together. The Token offers holders several benefits.

The first benefit is passive income from the Token's growth in value.

As the platform grows and increasingly markets its services, its Token should rise in value. Additionally, 3.5% of every transaction is burned, making it deflationary - another reason why the Token's value should rise in time.

The second benefit of folding EBSC tokens is a reduction in investment management fees. The number of tokens held will change the amount of discount given.

If you're investing a large amount of money into Lithium's Funds, this reduction could mean significant savings sums of money.

The final benefit is early access to token launches. In the first round of each IDO before the project launches publicly, EBSC holders can access tokens through a private sale.

There are four levels of token holders that will allow you access to the private sale and a guaranteed allocation. The team is tirelessly assessing the tiers and benefits for the participants in order to make the launches fair and accessible for each tier.

Please note that the EBSC token will be replaced in the near feature to more accurately reflect his value. The team has proposed a new token that will be released most likely by the end of the year. You can check the details behind the decision as well as the new staking details here

Educational Content

Lithium's educational content is integral to the platform.

Lithium wants all its investors and those who invest in the companies it promotes to have the best and most accurate information before they invest.

This, Lithium hopes will encourage further investment in its platform while helping investors avoid scams, pump-and-dump schemes, or rug pulls.

Lithium offers educational content from Youtube videos, blog posts, use cases, workshops, and webinars with incubated companies.


Lithium's vision was always to grow a remarkable ecosystem that would help the platform and incubated companies.

And o my... what delivery to date!

The recent announcement being the most excited


Judging based on their experience and expertise, Lithium's team is one of the best and balanced in the space.

To learn more about Lithium Ventures, visit the following links:


As mentioned, I've been a part of the Lithium community since its inception. Transparency in the space is scarce, and it is what differentiates the Lithium team from others. Investing in people and the execution of their vision is usually a winning formula.

I will continue to regularly invest in the Lithium ecosystem from Funds through to the Token. You can check my current position under the PNL section.

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