Bit Hotel Is the Hottest New Play 2 Earn Game

Through the rapid development of technology and the creation of the internet, gaming has become an increasingly popular pastime.

In 2021, the size of the global gaming market overtook movies and music combined. In the US alone, the gaming industry generated nearly $60 billion in revenue in 2020.

Whether you want to blow off steam after work, compete in e-sports tournaments, or catch up with old friends and pass the time, online games offer something for everyone.  

Cloud gaming is on the rise, VR technology is improving, and new consoles like Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 give games a better gaming experience for less money than ever before.

But lately, it's been play2earn (P2E0 games that have captured the imagination of game developers and gamers alike. Who wouldn't want to get paid for playing games with their friends?

There have already been several fun and creative P2E games developed like Axie Infinity, Lost Relics, and CryptoBlades. People all over the world have started earning cash through P2E games.

Bit Hotel, scheduled for release in Q2 2022, is the latest new game set to take the P2E gaming scene by storm.

What is Bit Hotel?

Bit Hotel is a social, fully online trading game set in a hotel called Bit Hotel. Players can earn and trade non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, to earn money from playing the game.

NFTs are used to represent every in-game item, including playable characters, moveable furniture, wearable attire, decorations for your hotel room, and more.

Bit Hotel has a colourful, 8-bit design that will transport some gamers back in the time to the days of the first Sega and Nintendo consoles.

For those who remember it, Bit Hotel is somewhat similar to Habbo Hotel, but it's designed for web 3.0 and includes many new features like NFT trading and token staking.

The game will be launched through the Lithium launchpad with help from Enjinstarter, a company specialising in funding and launching blockchain and metaverse games.

The metaverse has enjoyed a recent surge in Google searches and media coverage, primarily due to Facebook's recent rebranding to "Meta" and Mark Zuckerberg's statement that his firm will be "metaverse first, not Facebook first."

So, what is the metaverse? in Short, it's a digital universe you can only access through virtual reality. Imagine sitting in your home office and putting on a VR headset and then attending a virtual meeting with your colleagues or playing the latest zombie game with some friends.

The word "metaverse" was coined by the author Neal Stephenson in his novel: "Snow Crash", in which citizens explore an online world as a digital avatar to escape their terrifying, dystopian reality.  

Below, you can find some of the most exciting features Bit Hotel offer once the full game launches.

Choose a Playable Character, Or Trade for a New One

The bit Hotel development team have already released several playable characters through NFT sales. They plan to release more every month from now until the full game release in Q2 2022. Each character has a different rarity, value, and colourful 8-bit design.

By buying character NFTs now, you can get in early and snag a sought-after character that could be worth significantly more than you paid for it in a few years.

Unlike other games in the space, instead of creating a character from scratch, you can earn or trade for a new one if you don't like the one you have now.

Below is one of the playable characters recently sold as an NFT, Mr Anonymous.

Buy Your Hotel Room and Make it Your Own

There's a wide range of hotel rooms available in the Bit Hotel metaverse, all of which are tradeable NFTs.

There are basic-looking studio apartments at the affordable end of the hotel room spectrum, and at the higher end, there are luxury penthouses and condos.

You can decorate your hotel room however you wish. There's a vast range of colourful and unique decor and furniture, which is moveable and tradeable via bit Hotel marketplace.

Once you've decked out your room with the necessary swag, you can invite your friends over or visit other players in their rooms.

Compete With Other Players in the fun Minigames

Bit Hotel's minigames give you the chance to battle it out with your friends and other players to earn bit Hotel tokens, which you can later trade for NFTs.

The development team hasn't yet revealed which minigames will be the first released, but it's likely that there will be a few available at launch, and there will definitely be more released over time.

Every mini-game has a global leader board. The top few players on every leader board will be rewarded with various in-game items and Bit Hotel tokens.

It's likely that the more popular mini-games will boast more coveted awards. Over time, more incentives will be added to attract more players to complete.

Develop In-game Relationships to Earn Rewards

The Bit Hotel metaverse will play host to in-game relationships, which will give the game another layer of depth and additional intrigue.

Declaring your in-game relationship with another Bit Hotel player will give you and your partner perks and unique rewards, although precisely what these are isn't yet known.

Attend Exciting New Digital Events

There will be fun digital events regularly held in different areas of the Bit Hotel metaverse. Some of the events will allow you to know other players, while others will host competitions to win in-game items and NFTs.

You can also take part in community discussions in Bit Hotel's Conference Rooms. A community leader will manage each conference room, and some of the events will give you a chance to speak to the developers and make suggestions on the platform's direction.

Vote on Platform Features and Charges

As a Bit Hotel player, you can gain voting rights to help decide on upcoming events, new mini-games, and how players will be rewarded for different in-game actions.

Bit Hotel's governance model is based on token staking allocation and in-game achievements. The more tokens you stake, and the more achievements you have, the more your vote matters.

Bit Hotel Roadmap

As you can see in the snapshot below, the Bit Hotel beta is scheduled for release in Q1 2022, and the full game will launch in Q2 2022.

Up until the full release, the Bit Hotel team will be selling NFTs to raise development and marketing funds while giving early birds a way to build a nice collection.


Bit Hotel's in-game currency is Bit Hotel Coin or BTH. The total supply will be capped at 1 billion tokens.

Below is the token allocation.

Private investors- 20%

Development - 20%

Marketing - 20%

Team/Operations - 20%

Advisors - 5%

Partnerships - 5%

Staking - 5%

Initial DEX Offering - 5%

Why isn't there a big public IDO planned?

The Bit Hotel team has decided to raise investment through private funding rounds in order to maintain more control over the value of the BTH token.

This should prevent people from dumping their tokens the moment they're listed on an exchange.

Below is an outline of how the private funding rounds will work, as outlined in the Bit Hotel whitepaper.

The Team

To learn more about Bit Hotel, visit the following links:


I like the concept, and with the recent P2E and metaverse buzz in the space, I will be adding Bit Hotel to my 10-year #HODL portfolio.

I will be updating the PNL page as soon as my position is secured.